Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes in Canterbury are about more than just being clean and dry. They are about making a difference in people’s lives and making a difference in the lives of future generations. So why do you think that Christchurch is the most liveable place in New Zealand? Well, I’ll give you two reasons: the weather and the people.

What Makes Christchurch Unique in New Zealand?

We have some of the friendliest, most friendly people in the country, you can see them right next to you when you walk down the street or sit on the bus stop talking to them. The weather is just great, there is always plenty to do whether it’s play tennis, tap running, or a game of beach cricket, and there’s always something to see in the city. If it rains you can just walk down to the pier, catch a boat, and come back on the wet streets in no time. This means that when the weather is bad outside your home, you can still enjoy yourself and your friends and family.

There is another reason that I believe is part of what makes Christchurch so special and the reason that people choose to move here. Christchurch is located on the banks of the river Tamaki, this freshwater river is very near to the city of Waiheke and has boats going out into it daily to fish, sail and of course swim. When the weather is not good outside your home, you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re inside your home. You can take a boat out anytime the weather is bad and paddle in the water, because if you don’t have any friends and family there, you don’t have to go out. It’s quiet and relaxing and that is what I call a healthy home.

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