Efficient Ventilation for Safe Work

Efficient Ventilation for Safe Work

Clear Face Shields, a new line of DMB Supply – Buy Face Shields online, are designed to protect your mouth from bacteria and prevent damage to the lips and cheeks. The patented D MB Clear Shield consists of a clear acrylic shield that is capable of repelling harmful airborne particles, preventing damage from germs and protecting the skin in the area. These specially designed D MB supply products have two different application methods: the first requires the use of an adhesive to be pressed onto the surface and the second requires the use of Velcro to seal the product into place. Both methods provide an effective shield against germs and provide excellent protection to the lips, gums and cheeks. These durable, self-adhesive face shields come in several styles including:

Different application methods

This durable, self-adhesive shield has been specifically engineered to meet the needs of busy professionals and those working outdoors. The D MB Clear Shield provides the dual function of a lip protection and a convenient way to shield the mouth and prevent contamination from the wind and dirt while wearing a helmet, vest or other protective clothing. The D MB Supply – Clear Face Shields will repel any airborne particles to ensure your safety on the job site and offer the convenience of quick application with the Velcro closure. These ergonomically designed clear face shields have been designed to provide maximum comfort and a comfortable fit, no matter what the conditions.

This durable, self-adhesive shield features the patented D MB Clear Shield technology and is made of durable clear acrylic material. The D MB Supply – Clear Face Shields offers superior protection against airborne particles, preventing any possible cuts or abrasions and providing exceptional comfort. Each product is comprised of multiple layers of tough, abrasion-resistant Dura Coat textured acrylic material that repels and absorbs moisture and air, preventing any potential damage from occurring. The Dura Coat texture provides superior coverage, even under the most aggressive conditions and the Dura Lock design prevents any possible slipping while still allowing the freedom of movement for the user.

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